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Ocean Road Celebrates its 10th Anniversary 01/03/2014
ORLogo300ASq.pngOcean Road is pleased to be celebrating its 10th Anniversary of providing IT Consultancy Services to the Marine Industry with a focus on the provision of Marina Management Systems and Software.

With over 17 years Marina Industry experience, Ocean Road has been working closely with a range of Marina, Harbour, and Service Yard businesses for the last 10 years.

With a specific focus on the provision of Marina Management Systems and Software, Ocean Road is a Pacsoft Strategic Global Partner, representing Pacsoft International in the UK and Europe in the provision of the PacsoftMMS and PacsoftNG Marina Management System. Understanding the diverse range of business and operational requirements within the 'Marina' Industry and applying this to the IT solutions we provide is a key strength of Ocean Road; we have been pleased to play an important role in the ongoing development and enhancement of the Pacsoft Marina Management Software Systems.

Ocean Road has provided Consultancy services and implemented IT solutions for Marinas in the UK, the Channel Islands, Europe, The Middle East, The Caribbean and Australia. Marinas, Harbours, and Service Yards we have added value to range from less than 100 Berths/Sites to 4,000 Berths/Sites, and include Private Companies as well as Government Organisations.

We would like to thank all of our customers for the opportunity to work with them over the last 10 years and make a difference to the operation of their businesses.

The diversity of the Marina Industry provides exciting and rewarding challenges, and we look forward to the next 10 years working with our existing customers, and exploring opporunities with new customers.

If you have a Marina, Harbour, Service Yard, or Dry Stack operation and are looking for ways to enhance your business efficiency, management information, and decision making processes, please get in touch and Ocean Road will be happy to explore how we may assist you.
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