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PacsoftMMS installation completed remotely for Marina Projects Ltd 08/05/2006
Royal Clarence Marina - Gosport, United KingdomFollowing the installation of a new server at Marina Projects Ltd's Royal Clarence Marina, a full installation of PacsoftMMS was completed via Remote Access Support without the need to visit the site.

Marina Projects Ltd's local IT support company (Nexus Business Group) installed the new server at Royal Clarence Marina. A backup of the exisiting PacsoftMMS database was taken and copied onto the new server ready for restore.

Ocean Road was then able, via Remote Access, to install the PacsoftMMS software on the server and all workstations, and restored the Live database ready for use. As part of the migration to the new server Ocean Road completed an upgrade of the PacsoftMMS system to the latest version.

Richard Dowland of Ocean Road said "Ocean Road has been previously providing remote support for the PacsoftMMS system to Marina Projects. Remote Access allows us to adminster and maintain the system without visiting the Marina and provides a very fast response time to our customers.

This ability has been ideal in this scenario and reduces the cost to our client by removing the need to travel to site. It allows us to support a Marina in any location. Installations, upgrades, and even training can be provided using this method. However, we do not ignore the value of face to face contact, and like to visit the Marinas regularly to ensure we have a full undertstanding of their particular operational requirements, and what is important to their business. This allows us to be even more effective when providing remote support, and ensures our clients recieve the best value from their PacsoftMMS system."

Visit Royal Clarence Marina's Website at: www.royalclarencemarina.co.uk
Visit Marina Projects Ltd's Website at: www.marinaprojects.com
Visit the Nexus Business Group Website at: www.nexusbusinessgroup.co.uk
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